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You’re a perfectionist. On the outside you look like you have it all together. On the inside you feel stuck and scared. Worried that you are too much or not enough.

Fear and feelings overwhelm you.

You dream about standing up for yourself in real and powerful ways. You’re seeking a true sense of calmness – in your body and your mind.

Music therapy is a powerful means of self expression. It gives you permission to slow down in a nurturing environment. You’ll meaningfully reconnect with yourself through creativity, music, play and mindfulness. You’ll see your habits, ancestral stories, and dreams in a new way.

I’ll help you dare to find and embody your true voice.

Hi, I’m Maya.

I’m a music therapist and psychotherapist in private practice in New York City. I am passionate about supporting women who are struggling with anxiety and with an internal sense of “not good enough”.

When your feelings become things that you judge or push away, the world becomes an overwhelming place.

There’s wisdom in your story and creativity in your bones.

I’ll help you slow down and root in to find a place of calm and safety within yourself. From there we’ll explore what it means to show up in bold ways so that you can hold more than one emotion at a time and let go of long-held judgements that hold you stuck.

Together we’ll find a path to ease, kindness, and power – by learning how to integrate more messiness, pauses, and connection into your life.