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You’re tired of the same cycle of anxiety and stress.
You get stuck in your head a lot
Feeling “good enough” is not enough anymore.

You’re ready to make real and powerful changes in your life.

Engaging in music psychotherapy is a deep mind-body experience where we explore music as a powerful symbolic and expressive language to help you heal, understand, and move forward.

Music can hold so much – fears, dreams, emotions, thoughts. Often, music is a direct connection to our inner emotional world that cuts through constantly thinking and anxiety.

In our work together, we might listen to or create music, explore old patterns in a creative way, or engage in mindfulness and play experiences. Music can help you reconnect with your body (instead of staying in your head) and learn how to feel the feelings you’ve been pushing away or ignoring for so long.

You don’t need to be a musician or have any musical knowledge – just a desire to explore your creativity as a way to feel fully embodied, joyful, and present in your life.

Music psychotherapy can help you
– deepen your connection to yourself
– understand all of your feelings – the good, the bad and the ugly
– learn how to access a sense of balance and ease
– be kinder and gentler to yourself

As an experienced music psychotherapist, I can help you slow down your hectic life, discover your inner strengths and creativity, and make real and powerful changes.

You’re spinning. Often in your head and not in your body. Doubting your decisions. Panic. 

You often feel that you’re not good enough. Have trouble with decisions. Need/desire to control. Feel stuck. And find yourself in patterns of self-sabotage holding high standards for your self and others.

Have you been labeled as “too sensitive” or “shy”? Your sensitivity is an asset, not a liability. But you often try to be strong and ignore this part of self. You pull away from conflict and overwhelming feelings (in yourself and/or in others). You’re ready to integrate sensitivity as integral part of your self, how you show up in the world.

Clinically this is often called developmental or intergenerational trauma. It’s been passed down to you. So it makes sense that you may find yourself carrying what’s not yours. And holding a sense of other-ness. Your family stories/legacies affect you in the present life. You  always considered your parents “good” yet you didn’t feel seen/heard or attuned to in your family of origin.



I work collaboratively with my clients – laughing, singing, being curious, being open, and listening deeply. I can help you learn different ways to stand in your power, find balance as things change around you, and live the life you truly deserve.

Let's move towards healing together