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“Be kind to yourself and let your kindness flood the world.” -Pema Chodron

Kindness makes a difference.

It may seem overly obvious, but that only makes it more true.

In this stressful world, through the torrent of awful images and stories and cries that flood our phones and TVs and news feeds, kindness matters. Empathy matters. Your heart matters.

If you’re feeling frozen, overwhelmed, or hopeless – I see you.

Take a moment and show some kindness to yourself.

A long shower.
A good cry.
Loving, gentle words.
A piece of chocolate.
A gentle breath into your heart.

These are intense and scary times. The more you can be kind – and loving and gentle and tender – to yourself, the more you can pour it outwards, so it will flood the world. 

Sign a petition.
Don’t change the channel.
Learn about trauma and its effects on kids and adults.

There’s a rhythm to receiving and giving kindness – let’s lean into it. You don’t have to do everything – for yourself or for others. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, find the simplest kind thing you can do.

Every little bit of kindness matters.

Wishing you gentle, kind moments today.