COVID-19 UPDATE: my Midtown Manhattan office is currently closed. I am available for online therapy sessions (for NY residents only) via a secure video platform.

Therapy for the Highly Sensitive Woman

Give yourself permission to slow down. Nurture your sensitivity as a strength.

You’ve been labeled as “too sensitive” or “shy”.

You try to be strong and ignore this part of yourself by pulling away from conflict and overwhelming feelings.

But still – the world overwhelms you.

You’re easily rattled and often get stuck in a mix of perfectionism and anxietyYou try hard to please others in your life – often at the expense of your own wellbeing.

But sometimes – in this crazy world – it feels like too much.

So you shut it down, judge it, or power through.

On the flip side, you’re creative and intuitive.

You connect deeply to art, nature, and music.

You’re attuned to those around you.

You’re ready to integrate sensitivity as integral part of your self, how you show up in the world.

There’s another way.

Sensitivity is actually an asset.

I’ll show you how to…

…understand your sensitivity.

…nurture the gentle parts.

…find the ground so you can stop spinning and shutting down.

…take care of yourself and still show up for the people and things that matter to you.


“I am deeply moved by things. I’d hate to miss the intense joy of that.”Elaine Aron