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Anxiety is one of “those” emotions. You might push it away, judge it for showing up, tell yourself it’s a bad feeling. It may not be comfortable to feel your anxiety, and it may show up more often than you’d like.

The truth is – anxiety is an important feeling.

And we need it.

We need anxiety

Anxiety can be a motivator – before a big test or presentation it can motivate us to prepare better.
In pre-historic times, anxiety activated our “fight or flight response” and kept us safe from the saber-tooth tiger or other danger.

So we need some of it – but not too much.

When anxiety crosses the line from useful and motivating to potentially debilitating and overwhelming, it’s no longer helping you.

What is your anxiety telling you?

It’s probably trying to tell you something. There’s often another feeling (or several) under the anxiety. And while anxiety has value, too much of it can keep you stuck.

I often guide clients through a process of getting curious about their anxiety. If anxiety is something you’ve judged or ignored for a long time, this can be a rich and powerful process.

How to start listening to your anxiety

The next time you notice your anxiety, see if you can get curious about it.

A few ways to get started:

  1. Find a piece of music that expresses your anxiety in some way – it can be a song or an instrumental piece
  2. Do a quick body scan and see where you’re feeling anxiety – we hold anxiety in interesting places, and this can be good information.
  3. Ask yourself – out loud or in your journal – some questions (and remember, it’s completely okay if you don’t know the answers): Where is my anxiety coming from?
    Does it feel familiar?
    What is it trying to tell me?

    If my anxiety had a voice, whose would it be?

If your anxiety is keeping you stuck in repetitive cycles in your life, and you’re ready to get curious and make real changes, I’d love to speak with you about working together. Feel free to schedule your free phone consultation here.