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Last week I wrote about finding mindfulness in small moments throughout your day, no matter how busy. Today, I’d like to continue in that same vein and discuss music as a way to explore mindfulness.

Do you listen to music when you exercise or commute? Play or sing it? Hear it often around you? Music can affect us in deep and powerful ways – if we allow ourselves to tune into it.

Here are 3 simple ways music can help you find more mindful moments throughout your day.

  1. Listening: put on a favorite song/instrumental piece. Put on headphones or earbuds if you’re in a loud place. Allow yourself to just listen, without simultaneously checking your email or answering a text. Notice any thoughts, emotions, physical sensations that come up as you listen. Notice your breath. If you find yourself drifting away, just gently guide yourself back to your breath and to the music you hear.
  2. Make music. If actively playing or singing music is a part of your life, just check in with yourself as you do it. Personally, I know there are some pieces I know so well that I can play/sing and be thinking of other things as the same time. Allow yourself to be in your body as you play and/or sing – feel your inhale, notice the vibration of your voice in your chest as you hit a low note, really feel the weight of your fingers on each piano key. If playing or singing music is not currently a part of your life, start small (and soon!). Try playing one note on a bell or singing along to a favorite song.
  3. Music is in your body. Your breath, heartbeat, the way you walk, the way you talk – all have rhythm and flow. Can you pause and notice these natural musical processes?

How do you use music to find mindful moments in your busy life? Did you try any of the above ideas? Leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!


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