COVID-19 UPDATE: my Midtown Manhattan office is currently closed. I am available for online therapy sessions (for NY residents only) via a secure video platform.

Presentations and Workshops

I offer informative and engaging workshops/presentations for corporate/employee wellness programs, professional development programs, schools, and community organizations.

Available workshops and presentations include:

  • Tuning In: Music & Mindfulness for Stress Reduction
  • When Music Speaks: An Introduction to Music Therapy
  • Connecting to Our Clients Through Song Listening
  • Refill Your Cup: a Music & Self-Care Workshop
  • Reclaim Your Rhythm: a grounding workshop for helpers & healers
  • Social Emotional Learning & the Arts: What, Why and How
  • Managing Anxiety in Young Children Through Humming & the Breath

Presentations and workshops are available in small and large group formats and are customized to your organization/group’s needs.

I am available for full-day retreats/workshops, as well as shorter presentations. In-person and online options are available.

Partial list of past audiences include:

  • Silman, Inc. Corporate Wellness Program
  • New Jersey Association for Music Therapy
  • Greens at Greenwich
  • Fusion Academy
  • Amscan, Inc. Corporate Wellness Program
  • Pratt Institute
  • Gilda’s Club
  • Jewish Community Center of Mid-Westchester
  • Kint Institute
  • Expressive Therapies Summit
  • Smithtown Central School District
  • New York Society for Clinical Social Work – Westchester Chapter
  • New York Junior League
  • Westchester Jewish Community Services Family Autism Center

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“Maya’s workshop was truly wonderfully presented.
While I know something about working with trauma, I found I could plug the things she shared into the stuff I was already aware of and make it into a much more nicely rounded thought.
It was especially neat to see how she very gently re-focused the group while honoring what everyone had to say. That’s a skill not every presenter has, and as the organizer it was comforting for me to watch.”

Roia Rafieyan

Past Vice President, New Jersey Association for Music Therapy

“Maya’s presentation on music and mindfulness was captivating.  Her ability to make her audience feel comfortable with experiential exercises is unparalleled.  I had many audience members come up to me after the evening had concluded to thank me for inviting Maya to speak.  Even I left feeling not just informed, but elevated.”

Lucas Goodwin

Director of Admissions & Outreach, Fusion Academy - Manhattan

“I had the pleasure of hiring Maya for a series of “Music Wellness” workshops for our employees here at Amscan.  Everyone who participated thoroughly enjoyed Maya’s classes.  She teaches in a friendly and compassionate way, allowing people (who may have no musical experience at all) to feel comfortable and at ease with instruments they’ve never even seen before.  Her exercises were informative, useful and fun.  I highly recommend Maya for her expertise and ability to connect with her students.”

Lauren Forney

Wellness Director at Amscan, Inc

“Maya’s presentation for the Autism Center’s Grandparent Support Group was both enlightening and entertaining! The degree of participation speaks to her ability to draw in even the most reticent. She is a very skilled practitioner & her services greatly benefit recipients of all ages.”

Lee Englander

WJCS Family Autism Center Coordinator

“Maya has tremendous sensitivity and versatility in her teaching style and use of modalities. I highly recommend her workshops!”

Briana MacWilliam


Maya presents at New Jersey Association for Music Therapy fall meeting

presenting a CEU workshop for the New Jersey Association for Music Therapy – October 2019

Leading a community drumming group at Blue Door Gallery - Yonkers, NY

Leading a community drumming group at Blue Door Gallery in Yonkers, NY – 2009