COVID-19 UPDATE: my Midtown Manhattan office is currently closed. I am available for online therapy sessions (for NY residents only) via a secure video platform.

The work that we do is challenging, and when done right compels us to look at our own doubts and insecurities. I’ll help you “look under the hood” and work through challenges, while recognizing how your unique strengths can help you deepen your work.


Reclaim Your Rhythm Online Workshop 

Maya’s signature Reclaim Your Rhythm workshops are your invitation to root back in and connect to yourself as a rhythmic being and reconnect with your breath and body. To discern what is important for you to tune into and what noise you want to filter out.

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Connecting to Our Clients Through Song Listening 

Songs resonate deeply through our lives – and our clients’ lives – and are intimately connected to emotions, thoughts, and memories. This online self-study course explores various types of songs, the practice of mindful listening, and how songs can be a powerful tool for deepening therapeutic insight and connection with clients.

This self-study course is worth 1.0 continuing education contact hour for LCATs in New York state.

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Reclaim Your Rhythm Consultations for Professionals

Rhythm shows up everywhere – in how you care for yourself, in the periods of hustle and times of softening, when you’re with clients, even when you’re dealing with money issues. Learn how to understand and reclaim the rhythm you need, so you can show up in bold and clear ways in your work and life.

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Clinical Supervision for Therapists

I specialize in working with music therapists in the areas of geriatrics, mental health, and autism/developmental disabilities – I have a particular passion for integrating improvisation with these populations, especially with those living in long-term care facilities.

As a long-time vocalist, I also provide supervision for music therapists who would like to feel more confident with using their voices clinically. I also provide supervision for other therapists (creative arts, talk-oriented psychotherapists & others) who are interested in connecting to their own creativity as a way to deepen their clinical work. Individual supervision sessions are offered in my Midtown Manhattan office, or online. I have extensive training and 10+ years of clinical experience in a range of approaches from behavioral to psychodynamic, and can help you hone your own clinical style and intuition.

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Maya’s workshop is lovely…These are wonderful ways to explore transference issues, I feel I have an entirely new way to experience this with my clients…I am leaving with a renewed interest in song listening as a way to connect with clients. I also have some practical tools that I can use. I highly recommend this workshop!
Marcia Wooden, LCAT, MT-BC

Very informative, well organized and included an listening experiential which was fantastic…I don’t often take the time to stop, ground myself and just listen to the music. I will definitely now be much more mindful.
Patricia Licari-Kaiser CMT, LCAT

I loved the linking between music, right brain, and emotional expression…I loved this course, the content inspired me.
Susan Leopold MA, MPS, MSW, RP, RSW, ATR