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I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to reclaim lately. What it means, how it feels, why it matters.

The truth is, reclaiming is a bold process. It’s a way of saying – I need this and I deserve to have it now.

But it can also be a softer, more internal process.

During one of my recent Reclaim Your Rhythm online workshops, I looked up the definition of reclaim in the dictionary. I wasn’t surprised to read the “retrieve or recover something previously lost” definition. This makes a lot of sense and is an integral part of the reclaiming process.

But I was really drawn to another definition – “to bring under cultivation”.

This definition is technically meant for waste land or land that used to be under water, but I think it holds a larger resonance.

Bringing something under cultivation means paying attention to it, nurturing it, being curious about what might help it thrive.

And isn’t that what reclaiming really is?

I think both definitions are important, and in the process of reclaiming your rhythm you may go back and forth between the two – between external and internal, bold and soft, loud and quiet.

Retrieving is incredibly important, but it can also imply a lot of action and “doing”. There’s a time for that, and there’s a time for cultivation.

So pause for a moment – are you ready for bold clarity in your reclaiming or quiet gentleness? There’s space for both.


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