COVID-19 UPDATE: my Midtown Manhattan office is currently closed. I am available for online therapy sessions (for NY residents only) via a secure video platform.

Do you ever feel like you’re trying so hard, and it’s just not enough? What do you do then? Often, we try harder – pushing the boulder up the hill, even as it becomes heavier and we get more and more tired. Sometimes it can seem like no matter how much you do, there’s always something else you could do. And it seems like that thing you haven’t done yet could be the golden key. And who could say no to the golden key?

What do you do when it starts to feel so hard? When it feels like the to-do lists never end, and there’s always something more?

Stop – just for one second – and breathe. And say to yourself “I am enough”.

Know that whatever it is you’re trying to do will get done. If there’s a reason it’s really not getting done, that’s certainly something to explore. But in the meantime –

1. Breathe. Set a timer on your phone for one minute, if that’s all you feel you have. Close your eyes and just breathe. Listen to the sound of each inhale and each exhale.

2. Stop trying so hard. Seems contrary when you’re trying to DO something, but see if you can allow the momentum you’ve already built up carry you forward for a bit. What can happen when you stop pushing? Give it one hour or one day.

3. Notice something that makes you smile.  Let yourself smile. This morning on the subway I saw a man conducting from a full orchestral score. His movements were so practiced and smooth, it was just beautiful to watch. I have no idea what the piece was, but I swear I could almost hear the music. It made me smile. And I let it.

Wishing you moments of breath, ease, and smiles as we move forward into springtime. If you’re a woman in the New York City area please check out my new group for women, beginning on May 30th in Midtown Manhattan.