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Therapy is an investment in your potential for growth and change. You are worth it.

My fees for individual sessions is $150 for each 60 minute session.

*Please contact me for pricing info for supervision/consultation and presentations/workshops.

I accept credit cards, checks, or cash for payment. I do not currently accept any in-network insurance plans, but will gladly provide you with a detailed invoice to submit to your insurance company for possible out of network reimbursement (if your policy includes out of network benefits).

I am happy to offer reduced fee sessions in my Midtown Manhattan offices. A limited amount of these spots are available. Please contact me to inquire about availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a music therapy session look like? What will we do?

Each music therapy session is individualized for the client, based on their goals, needs, and what may be going on at the current moment. A session can include any of the following: listening to music, creating live music with voices and/or instruments, songwriting, moving to music, breathing/relaxation exercises, and talking.  Absolutely no previous experience with music is needed to benefit from music therapy sessions. Sessions may include a lot of music, or none at all – my client-centered approach means I am committed to being in tune with what you need at any given moment, not sticking to my own pre-set agenda.

2. I’m not musical at all…does it matter?

Not at all! Sessions can include as much or as little music as is comfortable for you. The music is another tool in the therapy process that can add depth and expressiveness to thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Any music made during a session is for the purposes of self-exploration and expression, not “sounding right” or “playing right”. I often say “It’s not about how it sounds, but how it feels.” My clients often come to me because music is a source of support/joy/connection for them, and they feel that a creative approach to therapy would be helpful. I strongly believe that music can help you connect to a greater sense of ease and play in your life

3. What do your credentials mean?

The LCAT credential refers to my designation as a “licensed creative arts therapist” in New York State. The license is granted to creative arts therapists who complete an approved graduate education program, pass a board exam, and complete 1500 hours of supervised, post-graduate clinical experience. Creative arts therapists are licensed to practice psychotherapy, and are one of the state’s licensed mental health professionals. To learn more about the LCAT license, visit the website for the New York State Office of the Professions.
The MT-BC credential abbreviates the title “music therapist, board certified”. This is a national certification granted to individuals who complete an approved music therapy degree, fulfill a 1200-hour internship, and pass a board exam. You can learn more about the MT-BC credential by visiting the Certification Board for Music Therapists website.

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