COVID-19 UPDATE: my Midtown Manhattan office is currently closed. I am available for online therapy sessions (for NY residents only) via a secure video platform.

Therapy for Women with Anxiety

Nervous. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Anxious.

Whatever word it hides itself behind, it shows up — in your body, in your relationships, in how you make decisions every day.

You’re all too familiar with how anxiety gets in the way of your life, your relationships, everything…

It’s time to stop spinning, to slow down meaningfully, and understand why anxiety has become a habit — it (your anxiety) doesn’t have to define you anymore.

You can feel calm, grounded, and confident.

I can help.

Together, we’ll ease-fully slow down your familiar anxiety spinning — using breath, mindfulness, and music listening.

Then we can dive deeper and get curious about what your anxiety connects back to. What it might be covering up. And figure out how you can both acknowledge it and let go of what’s not working so you can embody…

Calm. Confident. Bold. Clear.

I’ll guide you through a creative and embodied exploration of your relationships, the stories you tell yourself and the roles that hold you back from showing up as your best self.

You deserve to feel clarity in your life, your decisions, and inside your head.