COVID-19 UPDATE: my Midtown Manhattan office is currently closed. I am available for online therapy sessions (for NY residents only) via a secure video platform.

You dream about being bold, badass, and connected to inner calmness. You’re ready to work through trauma, stuckness, and long-held anxiety. You want to show up as both strong and sensitive in this messy world.

You pride yourself on powering through, but it’s not working anymore. Your anxiety colors everything – your relationships, your work, your inner world. You ache for ease. It’s time to let go of being so damn hard on yourself.

Something has to change, and it has to start within.

Hi, I’m Maya, a music therapist and psychotherapist in New York City. I help women reclaim rhythm in daily life. 

Working with me is an invitation to slow down and root in. A place to find calm and safety within yourself. An exploration of what it means to show up in bold and gentle ways. And permission to integrate more messiness, pauses, and connection into your life.

As we work together, your understanding of long-held judgments, ancestral stories, and dreams will deepen. You’ll release stale habits. And reconnect with yourself through creativity, music, play and mindfulness.

Together we’ll find a path to ease, kindness, and power. 

Dare to reclaim your rhythm. It’s time.



It’s time to pause the hustle.