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Therapy for Intergenerational Trauma

Unpack your family baggage. Step into a lighter version of yourself.

You feel stuck in a string of family stories and dynamics — many of which started before you were born.

Sometimes you get a sense that what you’re carrying isn’t yours — but still, you’re carrying it.

Maybe that’s the role you’ve been playing (the good girl, responsible one, oldest daughter) for so long, you don’t know how to be anything else.

Overall, you feel that your parents were good parents — but something was missing.

You didn’t feel heard or listened to. Your needs, your pain, your desire for connection were often dismissed or ridiculed.

You learned how to get by and how to be strong.

The weight of what your family (parents, grandparents, and even further back) survived affects you — your parenting, how you are in relationships, your connection or disconnection from your emotions. You’re used to soldiering on, but it’s wearing you down.

This is often called intergenerational trauma. It’s been passed down to you. So it makes sense that you may find yourself carrying what’s not yours. And holding a sense of other-ness. Your family legacies affect you. 

It’s time to unpack what you’ve been carrying around.

To slow down.

Get curious.

Figure out who you really are outside of all the roles you play.

Learn how to show up for yourself while still showing up for those you love.

Understand and express all of your feelings.

Learn how to express your anger safely and feel joy fully.